Alpha & Omega

A Servant’s Heart

Having a servant’s heart means not only we put other’s needs ahead of our own but also to serve with the right motivation—and that is to put God’s will first. Sadly, most times when dedicating one’s life to God’s call there is no retirement plan or long-term health benefits. Mission work does not come with a 401K.

Everything we do is through God’s Providence and your generosity.

The Alpha helps ensure there will be new friars in communities following the same example St. Francis set 800 years ago. The Omega provides our elder friars dignity as they grow older in age.

Alpha and Omega is a term used to describe the beginning and the end, our essence. In this case, it defines the priorities of education of our students and the care for our elderly friars.

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Student friars

Our work in promoting vocations includes engaging in dialogue with those expressing an interest in the Order, recruiting visits to college campuses, hosting vocation discernment retreats, and visiting men who are interested in joining us.

Our formation program includes experiencing Franciscan life through living in community, prayers, immersion in Franciscan spirituality and academic preparation.

Our formation cost are an average of $64,648 per student. In addition to the annual cost of formation, we must also maintain housing, medical insurance, and other living costs for our students.

Monies in these funds are earmarked and not spent on any other needs.

Senior friars

The friars who served in Parishes worked for low salaries and were usually not included in the retirement fundraising plans of the Diocese that employed them. Also, our friars in missions had no income and no retirement plans. Other friars in ministry were often working low-wage jobs with no retirement benefits.

The National Religious Retirement Organization has done an audit on our Province and informed us that to care for the aging friars going forward, the senior friar’s fund should stand at $17M by the year 2025, when the number of senior friars will significantly outweigh the number of friars who are still working in paid positions.

We currently have $5.7M invested in this fund. Our plan is to add at least $5M or more during this campaign to appropriately care for the aging friars in their later years. That covers medical expenses food and other costs of living for our senior Friars.

Monies in these funds are earmarked and not spent on any other needs.

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