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A Worthy Cause…

Throughout its almost eight hundred year history, the Franciscan Order has continued to generously respond to the Church’s call to minister to the poor and all those in need. In the spirit of their founder, St. Francis, Franciscan friars are called to live in community, to be men of prayer, and to minister to the People of God. Today our friars continue their ministry at shrines, parishes, retreat centers, college campuses, nursing homes, food kitchens, and many other forms in our Province.

Consider supporting our friars’ work in the communities across the country. Without you, all the things we accomplish would not be possible. Support those who help those most in need through prayer, financial support, and volunteering.

Make A Gift

The Power of a Planned Gift to the Province

The friars offer many creative ways to help structure your gifts through bequests, retirement plans, gift annuities, charitable trusts, and/or other charitable gift planning vehicles allowing you to advance the mission of the friars while still taking care of your loved ones. 

Charitable gifts through your careful planning can offer substantial benefits to you and your loved ones. Click below for more information on how your gifts can impact the friars and ministries you care about, potentially creating lifetime income and enjoying attractive tax benefits. While everyone’s financial situation is different, it is our hope that if you have not already done so, you will consider a gift to the Friars in your estate as part of your philanthropic giving. 

A Gift to Others, and Yourself.

Why volunteer? The benefits of volunteering can last a lifetime—not only for those who you are helping, but for you as well.

If you are on the fence about diving into a new volunteer experience or have doubts about whether or not volunteering is right for you, you might find yourself surprised at just how much you can gain from taking the plunge. Let’s learn more about the many benefits of volunteering and how to start getting involved!