Campaign Overview

Campaign Objectives and/or Opportunities

As a result of raising these dollars and completing these projects the following objectives will have been achieved:

The aging friars will have their futures secured so they can both live and die with dignity

  • An increased number of pilgrims will receive the traditional Franciscan hospitality
  • Migrant women will now be able to enjoy the shelter and safety of Posada Guadalupe
  • Twice the number of students will be able to enjoy learning and living in the San Damiano Friary in San Antonio, Texas.
  • The Mount Saint Francis campus upgrades will provide more people with a comfortable environment to enjoy the spiritual benefits of retreats and other ministries located here
  • Mount Saint Francis will acquire urgently needed increased revenue streams as a result of campus enhancements

“For it is in giving that we receive.”

-St. Francis

Capital Improvements

$1,000,000 San Damiano Friary Updates  (Immediate Needs)
$1,000,000 Mount Saint Francis Updates/Greening the Mount (Immediate Needs)

These updates will allow:

  • Expansion of the San Damiano House of Formation in San Antonio to become a place
    of intercultural formation, introducing younger brothers from outside the United States
    to Franciscan global brotherhood.
  • Updates to our facility including Fr Franciscan Earth Care Initiative, Mary Anderson Center
    for the Arts expansion, and handicap accessible private bathrooms.

Ongoing Operational Costs

$7,500,000 Five years of annual costs  (Immediate Needs)

  • Vocations, formation, senior friar’s care, capital improvements, other costs of annual operations

Southwestern Outreach/Global Brotherhood

$3,150,000 El Paso Outreach, student internships, International Student Friar Fund (Immediate Needs)

  • Food and shelter for new immigrants, social services to legitimate asylum seekers.
  • University student internships in partnership with our friars in various ministries.
  • Formation for students from poorer provinces to receive formation training in an intercultural school.

TOTAL: $16.5M Immediate Needs + Visionary Needs = $22,650,000

Help us Reach Our Goal! It is through your generous support that we are able to accomplish all that we do.
$6,700,000 of $22,500,000
$6,700,000 of $22,500,000