Community Pump House Studio

The Franciscan Arts Initiative at Mount St. Francis is happy to announce the completion of initial renovations to the community Pump House Art Studio. The Pump House Art Studio will serve as a community art space, integrating beautifully within the campus art area which includes the Mary Anderson Center Gallery and Clay Studio, and the Calving Barn Studios.

Most recently, the Pump House Art Studio has been used primarily for painting classes, photography workshops, art receptions, art sales, and free bluegrass jam sessions, but thanks to funding from Caesars Foundation of Floyd County, renovations will ensure a space to provide additional community classes. Community classes could include yoga, music instruction, dance classes, poetry and writing workshops, and much more. With the addition of a newly renovated Pump House Art Studio, our arts campus will bring together accessible, diverse art programs in one location offering education and experiences that transform lives, with a vision of elevating Floyd County and our region through creativity and inclusion. Because our arts facilities are located within a 400-acre nature sanctuary, our wonderful outdoor world is the perfect space to inspire creativity.

The Pump House Art Studio is now open to other community artists, teachers, and instructors who might want to use the space for their programs. We plan to broaden our art offerings to include poetry and writing workshops, dance classes, music instruction, yoga, and many more artistic endeavors.

Through the Franciscan Arts Initiative and generous foundations like the Caesars Foundation of Floyd County, we have the potential to bring art of all kinds to people of all ages – helping them to find the artist in themselves and others. We want to ensure that beauty and spirit brought to life through art continue to be honored and celebrated. Call today or email for more information!

Key Information:

  • Floyd County now has an additional community art studio available for art classes and workshops. We encourage artists, teachers, and others to inquire about studio availability and application for usage.
  • The Community Pump House Art Studio has 728 sq. feet of space with high ceilings, new LED lighting, large new windows for great natural light, and tables/chairs available for use.
  • The Community Pump House Art Studio is situated within a vibrant art campus featuring the Mary Anderson Center Gallery and Clay Studio and our working artist Calving Barn Studios.
  • Our arts facilities are located at Mount Saint Francis within a 400-acre nature sanctuary featuring hiking trails, prairies, woodlands, and a large lake.

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