Bridge the Gap: Support Health Equality in Our Missions Today

Be the Change!

Please help us make a life-saving difference! Through our direct experiences in Zambia, we’ve seen the dire healthcare situation that many communities face. Limited resources and access, inadequate infrastructure, and the shortage of vital healthcare equipment can often lead to devastating outcomes. Essential tools such as defibrillators and monitors are missing, leaving hospitals ill-equipped to treat emergency cardiac cases and other critical conditions. We’re calling on your support to help us deliver these much-needed resources to our Zambian friends. Your generous donation will help improve healthcare facilities and provide the opportunity for an international clinical/cultural experience for graduate students. This is a critical step in the fight against healthcare inequality in Zambia, providing much-needed support to tirelessly working healthcare professionals and community organizations.

Our Province of Our Lady of Consolation friars, who are wholeheartedly devoted to serving those most in need, share a close bond of history, solidarity, and mission with the Conventual Franciscan friars in Zambia. We join hands across continents, taking vows of assistance and striving together to uplift communities in Zambia that have been affected by healthcare disparities. Your contribution aids both our provinces in this shared mission, solidifying an international partnership dedicated to alleviating suffering and promoting the cause of universal healthcare.

Please donate today to make a lasting impact on the lives of those who need it the most. Let’s ensure that no person loses their life due to inadequate healthcare. Together, we can pave the way for better healthcare in Zambia and throughout our missions worldwide.

So grateful to be working with SOS to ship medical supplies from the Province of Our Lady of Consolation to Conventual Franciscan Friars Zambia – Malawi!  Thank you to Giovanni for all you have done to make this process easy!