The Angels Among Us exhibit features textile art by Southern Indiana quilt artist, Penny Sisto. This exhibit highlights the many angels that surround us in our daily lives. Internationally known, the working name for Sisto’s art is “quilt,” but her creations are a combination of pastels, dye, and cloth. The finished pieces are realistic masterpieces, often of women, but always alive.

“I have always thought that we must look close to our own lives to find Angels seen and unseen. Angels abound among us – from the old man who stoops down in Krogers to pick up a carelessly dropped piece of paper, to the driver who leaves her seat to help an elderly passenger climb up the steps into her bus.

In this show, I have tried to use themes that I love to return to – children, nature, animals – the inspiration of who and what is all around us. We have only to embrace each other, to accept that no one among us is greater or lesser than any other. We all are or can learn to be the Angels among us.”
-Penny Sisto

Two Gifts
(40 x 30)

Little Lamb
(32 x 28)

Child of the Wolf Moon
(48 x 33)

(47 x 32)

Passing Grace II
(48 x 29)

Angel Heart
(66 X 41)

Lotus Madonna and Child
(67 x 97)

A Touch of Gold
(50 x 38)

Madonna for Kiev
(58 x 35)

Rhianon Horse Goddess
(63 x 40)

Mother and Child
(58 x 35)

Goose Girl
(34 x 29)

Wolf- Angel
(61 x 37)

(58 x 36)

Theia BlueSky
(52 x 38)