St. Anthony Novena

The Conventual Franciscan Friars in Zambia serve children on the margins, vulnerable children, alongside those with physical disabilities, the hearing impaired, and the deaf.

How might I make a return to the Lord for all God’s favors?
-Psalm 116:12

How will you and I answer this question?

I know of your great devotion to Saint Anthony of Padua who was an early follower of Saint Francis. Saint Anthony made a great return to the Lord with the gift of his entire life. His preaching, his prayers of intercession, and his love of the poor live on to our own day. He is our faithful helper and “miracle worker.” But in return, our good Saint Anthony asks you and I to “make a return to the Lord.” We do this by reaching out in loving care and generosity to those in even greater need than ourselves. The Catholic Church is a missionary Church, from the first Pentecost to the present day. Saint Anthony himself longed to be a missionary and a martyr for Christ!

As the Feast of Saint Anthony approaches, our Conventual Franciscan priests and brothers desire to make a grateful return to the Lord by praying for the intentions of generous friends like you. Beginning on June 13th and ending on June 21st, I ask that you join us in a special Novena of Masses.

Please use the link below to send me the intentions closest to your heart. I will make sure your intentions are remembered during our special St. Anthony Novena. Can I ask you something in return? Please “make a return to the Lord for all God’s favors” by giving a generous donation today.

Shown middle top row: Br. Tony Droll, OFM Conv. posing with some of the young Zambia friars. Brother Tony has ministered in Zambia for over 50 years.

In those years, Brother Tony has made feeding the hungry and providing education cornerstones of his ministry work in Zambia.

Your donation supports the friars’ projects such as the Sacred Heart School in Zambia. This school is operated by our Conventual Franciscan Friars and serves vulnerable children, alongside those with physical disabilities, the hearing impaired, and the deaf. Deaf children in this region are considered a curse and therefore many of them are neglected and not given an opportunity to acquire the knowledge or skills necessary to live a dignified life. Your support of this important mission school will give hope to so many disadvantaged children in the area and give them the chance for a better future.

Please honor our dear Saint Anthony by following his blessed advice to follow prayers of petition with generous kindness toward others in greater need.

May Saint Anthony find for you, joy and peace. May Saint Anthony help you make your own return to the Lord and share in God’s goodness and grace all your days.

Your brother in Saint Francis and Saint Anthony,

Father John Elmer, OFM Conv. Spiritual Director