Opening Reception

Join us Friday, August 12th, 2022, for the opening reception for Andrew Hardin’s Passages art exhibit in the Mary Anderson Center at Mount Saint Francis.

Passages Exhibit Info

Passages brings together a selection of artworks from three bodies of artwork: Flow, Reclaimed, and Bridges. Together, these artworks speak about connection and transition.The artworks cover a range of media and process, including: Ink, watercolor, oils, monotype, graphite rubbings, and spray paint.

Flow has been an ongoing body of work about process, a way to recenter my creativity and explore movement and gesture. These works are experimental and rely on chance, using monotype as a foundation. I trust the process, and begin building layers and attempting to enter a state of creative flow.

The Reclaimed series began with the destruction of a barn in rural Indiana, and its remains being scavenged by those seeking “reclaimed barn wood.” The barn had been left abandoned and eventually succumbed to the elements and collapsed during a winter storm. This series is an attempt to reclaim and honor a memory of a discarded barn from rural America.

Bridges is a body of work that investigates a collection of creek rock from my family farm. Rocks have been used to build bridges and walls, to focus meditation and to be thrown in violence. As a child, I would use rocks as stepping stones to create bridges to get across to the other side of a creek. These paintings explore the beauty in these stones, an attempt to recognize their creative potential.

Meet The Artist

Andrew Hardin

Andrew Hardin is currently an art teacher at New Albany High School. He has previously taught adults and children of all ages, in both classroom and community settings. Before beginning his teaching career, he was a museum professional, having worked as both a curator and museum educator. In addition to teaching and making art. He earned a BA in Studio Art from Hanover College and an MA in Critical and Curatorial Studies from the University of Louisville.

Andrew Hardin’s artwork is connected to his childhood experiences on his family’s farm, sometimes visually, but always conceptually. He tries to highlight the overlooked, the forgotten, and the discarded. He has an interest in seeing the potential for beauty in the ordinary. His artwork employs a variety of media and process that wanders between abstraction and representation, often blurring the two. His practice includes drawing, painting, and monotype.

Opening Reception
Friday, August 12th, 6-8 pm

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Watercolor Workshop
Tuesday, September 16th, 6-8 pm

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Runs from August 12th – September 23rd
Mon, Wed -11am – 2pm Fri 4pm-7pm

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