Dear Friends,

Greetings in the Lord from the Franciscan Friars of Our Lady of Consolation Province!

The Easter Season, a fifty-day journey, reflects the profound experience of the Lord’s Resurrection, the promise of our resurrection, and the experience of Pentecost, sending us, disciples of Jesus, to witness the Love of God for God’s creation.

“Behold I make all things new.” (Revelation 21:5) Friar Wayne Hellmann shares the human experience of “transition,” birth from the womb to a new world, childhood, adulthood, etc. The Easter days leading us to the Pentecost experience are days of great “transition” into new life.

The Pentecost experience of being sent to preach and live the Gospel of Jesus calls us Franciscan Friars to embrace and welcome everyone from all cultures. Friar Tim Unser shares the addition of a new residence hall to the house of formation (San Damiano Friary, San Antonio, Texas). The new residence hall lets us welcome Franciscan Friars from other countries and cultures to receive the education needed to prepare for ministry in their country of origin.

Friar Michael Laskey introduces Brother Olive Tree as a metaphor for the abiding image of peace of the olive tree because it takes years of cultivation to bear fruit. Franciscans are still hearing the call of Jesus, sending us to do the hard work of prayerfully preaching peace in our world today. “Nourished by the apostolic roots of Brother Olive Tree, we strive to cultivate new ways of sharing the Gospel of Peace, with only an olive branch to guide our feet along the more difficult path of peace and friendship.”

We friars will continue to remember you, our dear friends and companions, in our daily prayers and devotions.

May God bless you and fill you with the Peace of our Lord!
Sincerely in Christ, St. Francis, and St. Anthony,

Fr. John Elmer OFM Conv.
Spiritual Director


“He has been raised!” Our Fifty Days of Easter lead us to the Gift of Pentecost, the Gift of the Fullness of the Spirit. The Spirit that raised Jesus fills us with new life of graced friendship with God. Here and now our own share in the glory of His Resurrection begins.…
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Let Us Build A House Where Love Can Dwell

The new Residence Hall will provide twelve bedrooms with a bath and shower in-between each bedroom; a laundry room on the second floor; and a large living room (735 square feet) where the friars can gather for community, seminars, and time together to build fraternity. Let Us Build A House Where Love…
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Transitioning Our Relationship With Our Environment

With the launching of the Franciscan Earth Care Initiative in November 2018, the Conventual Franciscan Friars of the Province of Our Lady of Consolation have committed to implementing the message and goals of Pope Francis’s landmark encyclical, “Laudato Si.” This encyclical is a worldwide wake-up call to help humanity understand the destruction…
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Brother Olive Tree

A common sight in Italy is the tour guide’s umbrella, leading folks in and out of churches, museums, gift shops, and any door that says gelato or espresso. This coming June, eight young friars will join me for a pilgrimage in Italy, but there will be no umbrella for them to follow.…
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Federation of Conventuals in Latin America

The Federation of Conventuals in Latin America (FALC) is the largest Federation of the Conventual Franciscan Order, in terms of the number of friars and jurisdictions represented. (The Order is broken down into regions or federations, throughout the world.) With a few exceptions, this federation serves friars in every country south of…
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Donor Story – Vernetta Haywood

Donor Story – Vernetta Haywood As Joe Berghausen and I pulled up to the suburban house outside of New Orleans we were immediately an object of interest. I was in my Franciscan habit which attracted some dumbfounded stares from people on the street, including the grandsons of Vernetta Haywood, the donor we…
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